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"I’ve been very impressed with Jason's performance on the project! It’s the first time I’ve had interactions with KCOM staff and I was very impressed. Jason has worked in uncertain situations, being given flexible requirements that required him to learn new skills and take a personal risk. Jason didn’t push back and, instead, approached the project with a ‘can-do’ attitude from the outset. The SOW1 report demonstrated how Jason achieved everything asked, and during the engagement there were a number of times he exceeded my expectations – for example, producing a pre-canned design without being asked to draw one up. We maintained a good level of communication, including the final write up being pragmatically detailed. I didn’t have to provide much support, which meant I could leave him to get on and try things out. Thanks for all your help!"
Shane Mallia (Senior Security Architect | National Cyber Security Centre)

"Jason and I have worked closely together for 18 months whilst at KCOM. He is a true professional in all aspects of his work but can combine that fluidly with humour which has made working together not only inspiring but also a lot of fun. A consummate Cloud Architect with technical skills in abundance, Jason lead on many areas in the AWS practice including Serverless technologies, AWS Compute and was also the lead Public Sector architect. Jason has a wealth of skills; a passion for innovative technology and is a natural presenter. In fact we seemed to be the two main presenters at our weekly design forum/technical design authority for the Cloud practice/Architecture and Consulting, over the past 18 months! I sincerely hope I get the chance to work with Jason again as he is highly valued colleague."
Frazer Jamieson (Cloud Architect)

"From a cloud perspective Jason has a great attribute in terms of the ability to interpret the 'what' into the 'how' when it comes to understanding what a customer intends or needs to change in terms of its operations and the desired outcome, and how this may be achieved through leveraging the technological and commercial benefits available through the Cloud."
Jerry Gudgeon (Client Principal)

"I had the pleasure of working with Jason on a central government public cloud project last year (2017), Jason did a sterling job under very difficult circumstances. The project encountered politics and lack of process at times, yet he remained professional and positive throughout. He supported me in my role as the delivery project manager and was able to shield me from some issues, a valued team member that worked extremely well with the rest of the project team. Jason did not lose sight of the customer requirements yet was able to balances the delivery constraints and commercial pressures. Jason is particularly good at explaining designs and technical issues in a way other less technical people can understand, this is a really valuable skill that some consultants have not mastered."
Tony Carroll (Project Manager)

"Jason is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about cutting edge cloud technologies. A valuable asset to the team, Jason's pragmatic approach to solution architecture ensures senior stakeholders are at the heart of everything design decision."
Jonathan Charlton (Senior Intergration Consultant)

Arcus Global

"I've enjoyed working with Jason because of his infectious enthusiasm for the work we do, methodical approach and commitment to delivering great results. He not only works hard to solve problems but also documents his solutions in detail so that clients and colleagues can understand them. He is a genuinely nice guy with a real desire to learn and push the boundaries."
Tim Lancaster (AWS Practice Director)

"Jason holds a vast array of technological certifications and is an expert on Amazon Web Services. For the Arcus AWS team, Jason is a crucial resource being a superb knowledge of AWS security and best practices, in addition to being the primary author of the Arcus product; Cloudcauseway. Jason has a wealth of experience to share and is an all round great guy to work next to."
Nelson Tang (Cloud Analyst)

Royal Society of Chemistry

"We hired Jason as the Solutions Architect to work on a key project to create an ambitious new global chemistry community and knowledge platform using innovative technologies. Jason was chosen for the job as he had a proven track record delivering large scale cloud projects. He hit the ground running and within a matter of weeks had both established an environment that was fit for purpose and also imparted his knowledge of best practice to the team. Jason has an exceptional ability to analyse complex requirements, provide robust solutions and effectively communicate the way forward to the rest of the team as well as to key stakeholders. He is a strong team player and a pleasure to work with."
David James (Executive Director, Strategic Innovation)

"Jason is very passionate about technology and hit the ground running in a new project with lots of unknowns to design and implement the architecture. His strengths are in his understanding of Amazon Web Services and his ability to work alongside application development staff to deliver innovative solutions."
David Leeming (Solutions Manager)

"Jason joined as my line manager shortly after I had joined the organisation and has proven to fair, honest, approachable and transparent manager. He has a wealth of technical knowledge that I am able to call upon when needed. He is a good leader and mentor and someone who I know always has my best interest at heart."
Sudisa Damodaran (Deployment/Release Engineer)

Haven Power

"Dedicated, thorough and technically strong is what comes to mind when I think about Jason. I had the pleasure of working with Jason at Haven Power on several projects, including the AWS implementation projects. I was impressed with Jason's willingness to learn new skills, building on his already comprehensive technical background. Jason would be an asset to any team."
Paul Armstrong (Head of Programmes & Enterprise Architecture)

"I enjoyed working with Jason in his time with us at Haven. He came to us with a strength and breadth of technical expertise, particularly in the Microsoft infrastructure space, which was a great fit for us. Jason had clear ideas centred around best practice and was a voice of reason in difficult conversations. In particular his knowledge of Active Directory, VMWare, AWS, security and web applications were both sound and well applied. He was keen to help the team develop skills, and did so with a smile and a ready quip. He was an asset to the team."
David Brunning (Technical Services Manager)

Euromoney Institutional Investor

"Jason was entrusted with taking ownership of the legacy hosting environment and to transform it into a scalable, enterprise-class solution that could support the rapid growth of the online subscription businesses. With his calm and methodical approach, and very dogged determination, he succeeded, completing a large and very strategically important cloud platform migration and transformation project in the process."
Nick Bateman (Head of Technology Services)

"I have found Jason to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Jason is a take-charge person with a flair for leadership who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits effectively. He has successfully developed several migration plans, successfully managed project tasks and has demonstrated considerable leadership when undertaking his role as Hosting Manager. Jason is extremely technically proficient with the rare skill to align technical solutions to provide real life project & business benefits. I highly recommend Jason He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization."
Onkar Chana (Global IT Programme & Project Delivery)

"I have had the pleasure of working for Jason on a very large scale and successful migration and transformation project. He is an excellent manager, leader and a competent and successful IT professional. I found Jason honest, fair, open minded, his knowledgeable vast, his attitude and approach friendly and extremely professional. He is receptive to ideas and places complete faith in his team. I would certainly recommend Jason to any organization."
Nico Dattani (Hosting Engineer)

"Jason is a great person to work with. His technical knowledge is excellent and as a manager he is very approachable and always willing to help with any issues. I would highly recommend him and would work with him again in an instant."
Sarah Navas (Head of Design & Production)

"Jason pays attention to the small things while being able to orchestrate a large scale operation. He is professional while being very personable, making him an effective team leader, technically competent and easy to get along with."
Matthew Webster (Development Manager)

"I've worked with Jason for over a year, and always found him to be professional and objective focussed. He has a logical and pragmatic approach and always seems to get the job done. Perhaps I could best sum it up with: if I owned a company, I would be happy to have Jason as part of the team."
Rob Scurr (Business Manager)

"I had the pleasure of working with Jason during his time at Euromoney, where he was the Hosting Manager responsible for the off-premise hosting off around 150 customer facing web sites. During his tenure here Jason managed the change between hosting suppliers, a major undertaking that was completed successfully. Jason is a hard working professional, who strikes the right balance between serious work and having fun - I am sure he will prove to be a valuable asset to any organisation fortunate enough to hire him."
Kiwi Asif (IT Procurement Manager)


"Jason is without doubt a talented IT Professional. He is used to managing resilient, business critical applications & web infrastructures for large organisations and he knows his stuff. What's more he's a very nice guy liked by colleagues and clients in equal measure."
Tony Sanders (Technical Director)

"Jason is a strong technical consultant with an eye for detail. He is in the process of bringing his deep technical knowledge to a wider audience through working with EACS. Jason will stick with things until they are done and delivered, and works best when focused on specific projects with real benefit outcomes. He is also an all-round good guy."
Keith Shering (Solutions Team Manager)

"Working in the hectic and high-pressure environment of Formula 1, Jason proved to be extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic from day one. With his 'can-do' attitude and ability to work well within the team structure he very quickly established himself as an important asset to Super Aguri. I would have no hesitation in commending Jason to any organisation. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"
Gavin Noble (Communications Manager, Super Aguri F1)

"Jason worked with the Super Aguri F1 Team in 2008 and travelled to races as IT support. He was an instant hit with the rest of the team and his integration was very quick. Whilst his IT work was exemplary Jason is not afraid to take on additional responsibilities and has the 'can do' attitude needed for success. I enjoyed working with Jason and would do so again in a heartbeat. I am convinced that any task he turns his hand too will be a success."
Graham Taylor (Sporting Director, Super Aguri F1)

"Jason designed and built the brand new network for Health Enterprise East. In one meeting he had determined all the information needed to build the system we required. I was also left with the complete list of information I would need to provide him to complete the build. A couple of week later and it was being installed. The system does everything we could hope for, and within all the constraints that we gave him; a slow Internet connection due to the local exchange, no real space for a server, limited funds for the number of servers we could have...It was installed in under two days. Jason took the time to explain to me (a relative novice) what he was doing, what that did to the system and how it should be maintained. An extremely knowledgeable and personable consultant that I look forward to work with again. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"
Steve Lott (IT Manager, Health Enterprise East)

"Jason provided a great service, took a methodical approach and was always considered with his solutions. He has a good understanding of core infrastructure and always delivered on the expectations he set. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"
Tony Drant (Director of Digital Technology, Emperor Designs)

Opportunity Links

"I worked with Jason at Opportunity Links, a not for profit company in north Cambridge, providing IT services to the government and other agencies. Jason was recruited to head up the infrastructure team and its hardware. During our time together, I found Jason to be a very knowledgeable guy, with a can do attitude that was very refreshing. When Jason did not know the answer to a particular problem, he would use his resources to quickly answer anything asked of him. I cannot understate Jason's commitment to the role; during his time at Opportunity Links, Jason suffered a severe setback health wise, but was unwavering in terms of his dedication. Thorough, methodical, with a common sense approach, Jason thrives in front of the customer and can speak to any audience, regardless of the technicalities. I would not hesitate in recommending Jason for any position or project; he's the guy I would want on my team!"
Steve Jones (Infrastructure Manager, Opportunity Links)

"Jason is a thoughtful, precise and reliable individual who I had the pleasure of working with for 2 years. I was responsible for the programme, and Jason the infrastructure. Nothing was too problematic, and I would recommend Jason for similar roles without hesitation."
Joe Higham (Government Programme Manager)

"Jason was a brilliant and professional IT manager at Opportunity Links. He treated the customer and his colleagues professionally and always ensured that his team delivered an excellent service. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone."
Rachel Lansing (Operations Director)

"He has taken a leading role in developing the organisations technical infrastructure into a reliable and resilient solution. Jason is a valuable member of the technical team who has put significant effort into all the projects he has worked on, many times putting additional hours in when required."
Giles Thurston (Technical Manager)

"Jason was a valued employee during his time with us, flexible and willing to take on new challenges, he managed his workload in a well organised and capable way. Jason took on line management of three staff with his promotion and recognised the importance of being a good line manager."
Lynn Nangle (Finance Director)

CP Ships

"Jason has a deep level of expertise across a broad range of Computing Infrastructure technologies. Jason's deep technical expertise is underpinned with a solid foundation of solution design, delivery and implementation skills. Jason differentiates himself from average IT professionals by ensuring that he always carries projects through their early conception right to go-live, with a meticulous eye for detail. He's also a great guy to work alongside."
Grant Watson (Network Engineer)

"Jason's strong technical ability was not used to its full potential due to the other demands of the project but he did successfully use skills such a project planning and supplier management. He is especially strong in the area of technical design and documentation. Even though very changeable, from beginning to end, Jason continued to be determined to complete the project professionally and to the highest standard possible."
Su Brackley (IT Manger)

"Jason has worked for the CP Ships project managing a European wide consolidation of staff and systems from 6 companies within the group. He has proved himself to be a technically astute project manager who has worked diligently and professionally with all levels of staff within the organisation."
Tim Wren (European Infrastructure/Data Centre Manager)

MMT Energy

"Given his extensive knowledge of Microsoft products and IT methodologies I would not hesitate to recommend him for any role requiring a technical professional who is committed to completing a project to the highest standard."
Keith Child (Account Manager)

"His tasks were always completed to a very high standard. Jason has solid communication skills and always conducted himself in a professional manner. He has excellent problem solving skills, is creative and has a strong attention to detail. During his employment with us he was always punctual, reliable and well presented."
Kate Fundell (HR Director)

Eastern Electricity

"Jason is one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with, he is totally committed to delivering a high standard of work and is exceptional in his field. Jason has taken and passed just about every qualification for his job over the years but have also kept his knowledge at the forefront. A true asset to any team."
Alan Prescott (Network Engineer)

"He has always been a well-liked and popular member of staff who has fitted in well with others and worked well as a team member. Jason has an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and operating systems as well as an all-round awareness of the IT industry. His customer facing skills will make him an asset to any future employer."
Phil Hodgson (Project Manager)